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When you need expert pest control in Millstone, it's smart to make the call to Bug Bombers. We’ve spent years perfecting our pest control methods and training our team, as well as keeping an eye on the evolution of technology and how we can use it to fight back against pests. It's our goal to eliminate nuisance pests like ants, flies, termites, stink bugs, and more. All of these things can bite you and your family, cause damage to your home, and even spread disease and make you sick. Relying on an experienced company like ours to take care of your pest problems means you’ll be getting your home back ASAP.

Millstone Calls Bug Bombers For Exceptional Mosquito Control

Mosquitos are one of the most hated pests in New Jersey, and there's no doubt as to why. Their itchy, swollen bites are almost impossible not to scratch, not to mention they can transfer diseases like malaria. Not even our pets are safe from this pest– mosquitos can spread heartworms, which are a deadly blight to pets of all types. Let Bug Bombers be the reliable pest control company you call when you need mosquito control services in Millstone and the surrounding areas. We've got all of the most updated pest control technology available on the market to take care of mosquitos at their source and make sure they don't come back. We can also teach you about a few ways to keep mosquitos at bay, such as eliminating standing water and adding mosquito-repellent candles to your backyard space.

Tick Control For Millstone Properties

Ready to get rid of your tick problem in Millstone? Call on Bug Bombers for the best tick control services in the area. With over 90 varieties, ticks are some of the most common parasites in the country. Outdoor spaces like forests and unmowed lawns are where they reside, waiting to latch on to you, your family, or even your dog. Here at Bug Bombers, we'll do everything we can to ensure that your home, both inside and outside, is free of ticks for good! We'll treat your exteriors first then move inside, ensuring every nook and cranny are free of these blood-sucking pests. Our tool and industry-grade treatments are non-toxic and will keep your home and family safe and sound. Our work will also prevent future infestations so you hopefully never have to call us back for service again!

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